James Blustein

Associate Professor

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Email: jamie@cs.dal.ca


  • BSc (University of Western Ontario)
  • MSc (University of Western Ontario)
  • PhD (University of Western Ontario)

Research Clusters:

  • Information organisation and representation
  • Human information interaction (human computer interaction)
  • Data, information & knowledge management


As a high school student I was much more successful in humanities courses than sciences but because I found the way empirical sciences explained the world enticing, and experience I had working at the Weizmann Institute I enrolled in biochemistry at university. Three summers working in laboratories helped me to decide that my talents lay elsewhere. I began studying computer science and philosophy but later switched to just CS. As a tutor and instructor I discovered joy in teaching.

My masters supervisor (Bob Webber) introduced me to hypertext; and I introduced him to the, then nascent, World Wide Web. We began a lengthy investigation into how to help people to find and use information that is the basis of my research mission. I began my PhD in CS under the supervision of Jean Tague-Sutcliffe (then Dean of UWO's Graduate School of Library and Information Studies). GSLIS professor Mark Kinnucan introduced me to cognitive aspects of human-computer interaction just as Jean introduced me to serious experimental design and statistical analysis. My doctoral thesis was about developing and testing methods for automatically converting lengthy scholarly texts into forms that are quick to read and understand. It became apparent to me just how essential individual differences and interface aspects were to the effectiveness of such methods. How I approach my goal of helping people to find and use information continues to be deeply embedded in hypertext and has long involved studies of human-computer interaction.

I am not fond of writing about personal matters on-line for a mass audience but people who know me know a lot about me.  For further information about my research and other activities please see my homepage or my research group's webpage.