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Jackie MacDonald

Adjunct (FGS)

Faculty Profile_Jackie MacDonald (214x210)
School of Information Management

Email: jacqueline.macdonald@dal.ca
Mailing Address: 
School of Information Management
Dalhousie University
Rowe Management Building, Room 4010
6100 University Avenue
PO BOX 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Research Clusters:

  • Information and Society (privacy, privacy policy)
  • Scientific Information (information in decision making)
  • Educational and information services (mediated information searching)
  • Information organisation and representation (health policy & procedure, Information system implementation evaluation, privacy)
  • Data, information, and knowledge management (information management, privacy [collection, use, disclosure, security, destruction of information], records management, health program evaluation)
  • Human information interaction (information needs and behaviours, privacy)

Research Interests:

I have been actively involved in practice-based quality improvement research related to service-level health policy; health policy, procedure and work instruction glossaries; service-level privacy policies; privacy program management; information behaviour that contributes to privacy breaches; health program performance monitoring and evaluation; corporate knowledge management; and information system implementation evaluation. I have engaged in academic research related to oral information sharing, critical appraisal, decision making, meetings, and mediated information search practices.


  • BSc (Mount Saint Vincent University)
  • MLS (Dalhousie University)
  • PhD (Sheffield University)
  • IAPP (University of Alberta)

Selected Publications

MacDonald, J.; Bath, P.A.; Booth, A. (2014). Reaching health service managers with research. Information Research, 19(4), paper 649.

MacDonald, J.; Bath, P.A.; Booth, A. (2014). An exploration of opportunities for health service managers to share information orally   a method of documentary analysis using an electronic room-booking calendar.  International Journal of Health Information Management Research, 2 (1), 31-43.

Paterson, G.I.; MacDonald, J.M., Mensink, N. (2013). The administrative policy quandary in Canada’s health service organizations. In C. El Morr. Research Perspectives on the Role of Informatics in Health Policy and Management, IGI Global.

MacDonald, J.; Bath, P.A.; Booth, A. (2011). Information overload and information poverty challenges for health service managers? Journal of Documentation. 67, 2, 238-263.

MacDonald, J.; Bath, P.A.; Booth, A. (2008). Healthcare service managers what information do they need and use? Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 3, 3, 18-38.

MacDonald, J.; Bath, P.A.; Booth, A. (2008) Healthcare managers’ decision-making: findings of a small- scale exploratory study. Health Informatics Journal, 14, 4, 247-258.