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Elvria Mitraka

Assistant Professor

School of Information Management

Email: elvira.mitraka@dal.ca
Mailing Address: 
School of Information Management
Dalhousie University
Rowe Management Building, Room 4010
6100 University Avenue
PO BOX 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Research Clusters:

  • Data, information and knowledge management (data management, knowledge management, research data management, open data)
  • Scientific information (information networks, ontologies, scientific information portals)


  • BSc, MSc, PhD (University of Crete)
  • Post-doctoral Fellow (University of Maryland)


Ontologies, knowledge management and open data are my main research interests. Pick up a scientific article that deals with any type of research data and chances are that you will find a sentence that states: “We generate a huge amount of data, and we need to find better ways to extract important information,” (or something close to this). Interoperability of data is key. Otherwise we will continue to perpetuate the data silos and miss out on the crucial connections between them. Ontologies, data standards, open data and good data management practices are key to overcoming these issues.