Supervisor Guide


SIM has published MI Competencies on our website. Instructors are integrating the competencies into course content, and students are encouraged to reflect on these competencies throughout their program.

Most Practicum students will have completed their first year of the program when they embark on their placement, and will not be expected to have achieved the competencies as expressed. However, we will expect students to reflect on these competencies during their placement, and in their Practicum report.

We draw supervisors’ attention to the competencies simply to illustrate the competencies with which the school is aiming to equip students/graduates. Familiarization with the competencies might also help supervisors shape the placement experience.

To offer a placement contact Janet Music, MI Program Coordinator.

What are my responsibilities as a Practicum supervisor?

The Practicum Supervisor assumes responsibility for organizing the student's placement by:

1.     Developing an appropriate placement which includes:

a.     Exposure to the placement site’s administrative context, structure and procedures.

b.     Ample opportunity (approximately 25% of the duration of the Practicum) for the student to contribute to the general mission of the placement site

c.     Developing one or more in-depth projects which focus on particular aspects of the placement site's work. While working on these projects the student should provide useful service and feedback to the placement site.

d.     Opportunities for students to observe, evaluate, question and discuss with their supervisor(s) what they are learning/observing during their placement

2.     Communicating the details of the placement to the student and the MI Program Coordinator prior to the placement commencement

3.     Functioning as the principal contact with the School and reporting any concerns to the MI Program Coordinator.

4.     Making yourself available during regular business hours to counsel the student, or to be consulted by the student.

5.     Reviewing the progress of the Practicum

6.     Submitting the supervisor’s Practicum report by the required deadline. The practicum may be undertaken only after completion of the first year of the MI program (or for part-time students, after completion of at least 6 core courses). The Practicum may be completed during the April – August period or, concurrently with classes during the fall term of the second year.

Are there necessary elements of a Practicum placement, or is it just a 100-hour project?

During the Practicum placement, the student is expected to contribute to the activities of the workplace and to meet the same demands of work production and responsibility expected by the organization of its regular employees.

Is there a formal agreement governing a placement?

Yes. Our 100-hour Practicum hosts sign a Practicum Placement Agreement. This document is forwarded once feasibility for an unpaid placement has been established and need only be signed once. The agreement then covers all subsequent Practicum placements. A copy of the signed agreement will be returned to you for your files.

Is the Practicum graded?

Yes. A Pass or Fail grade is assigned by the MI Program Coordinator after the Practicum has been completed, both the student and the supervisor’s reports have been submitted, and all course requirements have been met.

The course requirements must be complete by February 1st of the student's graduating year.


Do I need to submit a report?

Yes. The Practicum supervisor prepares and submits their supervisor’s report to the MI Program Coordinator via email by the required date (see below). Visit the Supervisor Report page for additional details.

How to prepare and submit your supervisor’s report:

  1. Download the Supervisor's Report Form [DOC - 64 KB]
  2. Check the submission date (see table below)
  3. Submit your completed report to the MI Program Coordinator, Janet Music, via email (
Regular Placements (100 hours) Two weeks after completion of the placement
Extended Work Placements (500 hours) November 1st