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Practicum Report


  • 6-10 pages (excluding citations and cover page)
  • 2600 – 3000 word count total (excluding citations and support documents)
  • Double spaced
  • 10-point font (Arial)
  • Submitted as an attached Word file via email using the following naming convention:
    SurnameInitial_PracticumReport_yyyy-mm-dd (date of submission)

  • Contain a cover sheet bearing the student’s name, the Practicum supervisor’s name, the name of the Practicum site and the dates of the placement.
  • Follow the APA author-date method of in-text citation; include a reference list


The student must submit a clear and concise, professional report that analyzes the following:

Page 1: description of the placement environment

Type of organization, the size and nature of the community it serves.

Description of the internal administrative structure of the organization and its relationship with external authorities (e.g. Board of Governors, Trustees, etc.).

Particulars of the area of assignment, including if applicable:
  - various services and functions
  - organization of work and personnel
  - relationship to other areas of the system

Pages 2–6 (minimum); 2-10 (maximum)

Briefly describe:
  - tasks undertaken during your placement

Reflect upon:
  - what you learned during the Practicum placement
  - the relevance of the placement in terms of your IM goals
  - the skills you used during the placement
  - the skills you could improve for career development

  - the elements of the placement, and your particular assignment
  - the relevance of the Practicum to the School's curriculum as a whole

Provide a self-assessment of your preparedness for the work placement

Due dates

Regular Placements (100 hours) Due two weeks following the last day of the practicum.
Extended Work Placements (500 hours)

Fall Registration: November 1st

Winter Registration: February 1st

Reports must be submitted electronically to joann.watson@dal.ca by no later than 5 p.m.

Late reports

Failure to submit a practicum report by the specified deadline may result in a failing grade, unless prior permission has been given by the MLIS Program Coordinator to submit the report late, which normally will be for extended illness, medical, or family emergencies only. Reports will not normally be accepted seven days or more after the due date.