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MLIS Program Coordinator Guide

The MLIS Program Coordinator:

  • Holds the annual fall-term Practicum Information Session for all MLIS students planning to complete a Practicum in the Spring term (April)
  • Reviews all Practicum Applications
  • Meets individually with all eligible MLIS students in November to discuss their Practicum goals and facilitate the determination of a placement site.
  • Negotiates all Practicum placements within HRM by:
         a.  Communicating with potential placement sites
         b.  Forwarding student information to workplace supervisor (i.e.: current electronic resume)
         c.  Sending a Notice of Placement to the student
         d.  Confirming the agreed-upon placement with the placement site
         e.  Arranging initial contact between the student and the supervisor.
  • Consults with students about placements outside HRM; provides the student with protocol to follow
         a.  Upon notification of a successfully arranged a placement outside HRM, the MLIS Program Coordinator contacts the placement site, provides contact information as well as contextual and detailed information about the Practicum process
  • Develops Practicum agreements for all 100-hour Practicum sites
  • Tracks Practicum placement progress
  • Consults with either party throughout the duration of the Practicum (if required).
  • Follows up with student and supervisor, if necessary, to ensure timely submission of Practicum Reports
  • Evaluates the student and Practicum supervisor reports
            a.  Provides an opportunity for students to read the Supervisor’s Report
  • Assigns the Pass/Fail grade for INFO 0590
  • Works with the placement supervisor and the student in an advisory capacity, if Practicum work performance does not warrant a passing grade.