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MLIS Program Coordinator Guide

The MLIS Program Coordinator:

  1. Holds the annual fall-term Practicum Information Session for all incoming MLIS students
  2. Meets individually with all eligible MLIS students in January to discuss their Practicum goals and facilitates the determination of a placement site.
  3. Reviews all Practicum Applications
  4. Negotiates all Practicum placements within HRM by:
    a. Forwarding student information to workplace supervisor (i.e.: current electronic resume)
    b. Sending a Notice of Placement to the student
    c. Arranging initial contact between the student and the supervisor.
  5. Consults with students about placements outside HRM
    a. Upon notification of a successfully arranged a placement outside HRM, the MLIS Program Coordinator contacts the placement site, provides contact information as well as contextual and detailed information about the Practicum process
  6. Develops Practicum agreements for all 100-hour Practicum sites
  7. Tracks Practicum placement progress
  8. Consults with either party throughout the duration of the Practicum (if required).
  9. Follows up with student and supervisor, if necessary, to ensure timely submission of Practicum Reports
  10. Evaluates the student and Practicum supervisor reports
    a. Forwards an electronic copy of the student’s Practicum Report to the Supervisor
    b. Provides an opportunity for students to read the Supervisor’s Report
  11. Assigns the Pass/Fail grade for INFO 0590
  12. Works with the placement supervisor and the student in an advisory capacity, if Practicum work performance does not warrant a passing grade.