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Registration: Incoming Students

Prior to registering for courses, incoming students are encouraged to review the Before You Begin page for information about registration. Dalhousie’s Academic Timetable is available via Dal Online.

The MLIS degree is a 2 year course of study for full-time students. If taken on a part-time basis, it must be completed within 7 years.

Program Requirements

A total of 16 half-credit courses (48 credit hours) and the non-credit Practicum are needed to complete the degree.

  • 7 core courses
  • 1 advanced technology elective option
  • MGMT 5000 Management Without Borders (capstone course)
  • 7 electives
  • INFO 0590.00 Practicum

 students typically register for 4 half-credit courses per term.
Part-time students register for less than 3 half-credit courses per term, and are encouraged to prioritize core course registration over elective registration in the early years of their MLIS Program.

Incoming students need to pay the $200 deposit, then they will be able to register for the following courses:

2017 Fall 2018 Winter
INFO 5500 Info in Society INFO 5520 Research Methods
INFO 5515 Organization of Info INFO 5590 Info Mgmt Systems
INFO 5530 Info Sources, Services & Retrieval INFO 6540 Data Mgmt
[elective] [elective]

2017/18 MLIS Course Offerings

F2F = Face-to-face delivery
O/L = Online (web-based course delivery)
* = Advanced technology option

Fall 2017 Electives

Fall Term ELECTIVE Courses (Full-time students register for one)
Course Code Course # Title Delivery
INFO 6513 Business Analytics & Data Visualization* F2F
INFO 6560 Information Resources Management F2F
INFO 6610 Information Policy F2F
INFO 6681 Geospatial Information Management F2F
INFO 6800 Archives F2F
INFO 6840 Content Management Systems* F2F
INFO 6850 Special Topics in IM: Research Data Mgmt F2F

Winter 2018 Electives

Winter Term ELECTIVE Courses (Full-time students register for one)
Course Code Course # Title Delivery
INFO 6100 Information in Public Policy & Decision Making F2F
INFO 6330 Cataloguing & Classification F2F
INFO 6370 Records Management O/L
INFO 6450 Services & Resources for Children F2F
INFO 6620 Web Design & Architecture* F2F
INFO 6640 Expert Searching for Clients F2F
INFO 6682 Human Information Interaction F2F
INFO 6810 Managing Info Literacy Instruction F2F
INFO 6850 Special Topics in IM: Intro to Data Science F2F
INFO 6860 Archives II F2F

Summer 2018 Electives

Summer Term ELECTIVE Courses
Course Code Course # Title Delivery
INFO 6300 Government Information Resources O/L
INFO  6070 Reading & Reading Practices O/L


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