Our MLIS is a versatile degree, giving students the knowledge and skills to work across sectors and in all types of organizations. Specifically, the MLIS degree offers students the ability to concentrate in areas such as libraries, archives and managing data, information and knowledge. The list below will enable you to visualize how you might link courses to the various concentrations.

C: Core; E: Elective; R: Required; AT: Advanced Technology Elective


Library   l   Archives

Data/IM/Knowledge Mgmt

MGMT 5000  Management Without Borders R R R  
INFO 0590.00 Practicum R R R  
INFO 5500  Information in Society C C C  
INFO 5515  Organization of Information C C C  
INFO 5520  Research Methods C C C  
INFO 5530  Info Sources, Services & Retrieval C C C  
INFO 5570  Organizational Mgmt & Strategy C C C  
INFO 5590  Information Management Systems C C C  
INFO 6540  Data Management C C C  
INFO 6070  Reading & Reading Practices E E E  
INFO 6090  Culture of Privacy E E E  
INFO 6100  Info Publ Policy & Decision Making E E E  
INFO 6150  History of the Book E E E  
INFO 6250  Serv & Resources for Young Adults E E E  
INFO 6270  Introduction to Data Science E (AT) E (AT) E (AT)  
INFO 6300  Government Info Resources E E E  
INFO 6310  Resources for Busi Intelligence E E E  
INFO 6320  Legal Literature & Librarianship E E E  
INFO 6330  Cataloguing & Classification  E E E  
INFO 6370  Records Management E E E  
INFO 6400  Knowledge Management E E E  
INFO 6450  Services & Resources for Children E E E  
INFO 6500  Community-Led Services E E E  
INFO 6513  Busi Analytics & Data Visualization E (AT) E (AT) E (AT)  
INFO 6560  Info Resources Management   E E E  
INFO 6610  Information Policy E E E  
INFO 6620  Web Design & Architecture E (AT) E (AT) E (AT)  
INFO 6630  User Experience E E E  
INFO 6640  Expert Searching for Clients E E E  
INFO 6681  Geospatial Info Mgmt E (AT) E (AT) E (AT)  
INFO 6682  Human Information Interaction E E E  
INFO 6700 / INFO 6710  Reading Course E E E  
INFO 6750  Health Sciences Lit & Info Sources E E E  
INFO 6800  Archives E E E  
INFO 6810  Managing Info Literacy Instruction E E E  
INFO 6840  Content Management Systems E (AT) E (AT) E (AT)  
INFO 6850  Spec Topics: Mgmt Res Data E E E  
INFO 6860  Archives II E E E  
INFO 9000.12 Thesis E E