Strategic Priorities

2018 to 2023

1. Grow Programs and Advance Information Management Education

    1.1 Achieve enrolment targets in all programs
    1.2 Explore options for new IM credit offerings (majors, minors, certificates)
    1.3 Create and deliver non-credit revenue generating programs
    1.4 Advance Information Management education
    1.5 Increase scholarship funding

2. Strengthen Research Impact

    2.1 Increase research capacity
    2.2 Increase scholarly output and impact

3. Engage with Community

    3.1 Broaden work experience opportunities for students
    3.2 Increase our community engagement

4. Increase Diversity and Inclusion

    4.1 Increase the diversity of prospective students
    4.2 Increase diversity of faculty and staff
    4.3 Embed diversity and inclusion across the curricula