Mission, Vision & Values

SIM Mission

To lead in advancing Information Management knowledge, research and expertise.

Information Management contributes to the economic and societal success of organizations and plays a vital role in creating and translating knowledge, and in making evidence-based decisions.  

To provide students, researchers and professional communities with opportunities and tools to investigate and apply Information Management, we are committed to:

  • engaging and relevant research 
  • people-centric services and community engagement
  • entrepreneurship and innovation
  • the role of multiple literacies in ensuring a well-informed citizenry
  • experiential learning 
  • ethical representation and use of information 
  • preservation and curation of information resources
  • the enduring importance of cultural and heritage institutions

Vision & Values

We are guided in our decisions and actions by the Faculty of Management vision and values.

  • Vision: Inspiring transformational solutions for society
  • Values: Integrity, Inclusion, Collaboration, Experience, Sustainability