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Israel Exchange Program

The Israel Exchange Program presented by the Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation offers returning (not first year) Commerce and Management Students:

  • 2 weeks in Canada (Halifax and Toronto) and 2 weeks in Israel, with activities and tours presented in English
  • Meetings with Canadian and Israeli business leaders
  • Education on Israeli culture and business practices
  • Airfare, hotel, ground transportation, and entrance fees fully covered
  • An exciting chance to study abroad

See tentative schedule (subject to change) [PDF 446KB].

Application Dates:

  • Israel Exchange Program (Tentative): August 1 - 28
  • Applications open: June
  • Application Deadline: August 1
  • Interviews between: August 1 – 15
  • Decision by: August 31


  • Stop at wineries in Ontario and Israel
  • Visit popular landmarks such as Niagara Falls
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Ride a camel
  • Visit the historical site where Jesus first gave the Lord’s Prayer
  • Learn about Global Marketing – you will be enrolled in COMM 3405


Ori Gabbai, Student at Hebrew University
"I think the program is really important because aside from the obvious academic knowledge it supplies, it gets people to open their minds about other cultures, specifically the Israeli culture, which gets a bad reputation very often by some media reports and so on. From a personal view, as an Israeli I enjoyed a lot the break of routine by traveling to a great country like Canada, and of course getting to know some fantastic people from there. Surely the program is a great academic and cultural experience for everyone!”

Samantha Loren, Student at Dalhousie University
"I have been fortunate to participate in similar programs across Canada and other parts of the world, but I can honestly say that this exchange was the most fulfilling, eye opening, and life changing one. Not only does it provide students opportunities to connect with influential business leaders from across the globe, or to see first hand the impacts of classroom learning on global economies, but it allows students to exchange ideas and opinions with colleagues a world away. I would encourage every university to explore the Israel Exchange Program, and furthermore, encourage every student to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.”

Carolyn Silver, Student at Dalhousie University
"Getting to know my Israeli friends and hear about their stories has given me a sense of pride in Israel and I share my experiences about the incredible beauty, business culture, and multiculturalism of Israel with my friends and co-workers. Israel is now a part of my heart and I will advocate for the small but mighty country when I am home in Canada.”