Disrupting through innovation and entrepreneurship

How do we innovate? How do we disrupt established markets? How do we launch and grow businesses? These questions are at the core of the Disruption cluster.

Louis Beaubien


Peggy Cunningham

Peggy Cunningham has been researching private, fast growth companies and has uncovered a number of factors that enable rapid and sustained growth. One central finding is that building customer trust enables collaborative innovation, which greatly reduces market risk.

Bill Foster

Bill Foster explores the relationship between formal organization and informal social networks, the influence of that relationship on organizational performance and strategy, and the resulting evolution of the intra-organizational network. These networks have proven critical to the identification of innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities, and to the acquisition of supporting resources.

Albert James

Albert James is interested in understanding entrepreneurship through the networks and actions of enterprising families across generations and recognition of the value of Indigenous knowledge in understanding Indigenous entrepreneurship.

Jeff Larsen


Kyung Lee

Kyung Young Lee is investigating various topics related to social media and behavioural analytics. Using linguistic analytics (i.e., text-mining and sentiment analysis), he investigates the effect of heuristic factors embedded in the reviews of an online travel community (Qyer.com) on the popularity of user-curated ‘best places to visit’ recommendations and also examines the linguistic characteristics of fake reviews on Yelp.com. For the topic of social media, he investigates users’ political participation behaviours via social media in a developing country.

David Roach

David Roach’s research focusses on how innovation management ultimately impacts firm performance. Of particular interest is the relationship between innovation theory and effectuation theory and how popular approaches to innovation (e.g. Design Thinking) ultimately drive performance.

Lorn Sheehan

Lorn Sheehan looks at the tourism industry, notably at how this industry is transforming and being disrupted by new entrants and new intelligence logic.

Bo Yu

Bo Yu is interested in using technologies to represent users to solve social issues. Technologies play a determining role in social affairs when they act and make decisions on behalf of their users. This type of application of technologies demands both innovative design and careful examination of the impacts on both individuals and social systems.