Centres and Labs


Multi-disciplinary in nature, much of our school’s research is built on our close collaboration with the faculty’s other schools to form the following centres.

Centre for Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Analytics

Launched in 1975, this centre exists to facilitate student and faculty member exchanges and internships, arrange classes with an international component, offer scholarships, and organize conferences and symposia.

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Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship

This centre promotes entrepreneurship through innovative curriculum, applied research and collaborative outreach. The centre’s field-based research involves working with real ventures on real projects, using state-of-the-art methodologies. All of the centre's programs are designed to enhance the student's entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and networks.

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Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity

Dedicated to the support and promotion of family businesses and their extraordinary contribution to the economy of Atlantic Canada, this centre delivers professional development tailored specifically to the needs of family businesses and combines it with unparalleled opportunities to network and learn with fellow business families from across the region.

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Multidisciplinary in nature, much of our school’s research is built on our close collaboration with our faculty’s other schools to form the following labs.

Douglas C. Mackay Finance Lab

The Douglas C. Mackay Finance Lab is an internationally recognized resource supporting a variety of research projects. The lab provides a platform for research collaboration among our faculty and associates. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including software, databases and Bloomberg Terminals. The Bloomberg Terminal is the premier financial analysis tool to access real-time information for any publicly traded company. More than just Finance professionals can utilize Bloomberg, as the technology provides current and historical access to every major news organization, government agency and corporation. Established to promote interdisciplinary research both across and beyond Dal, the lab enjoys the support of the financial and risk management industry, which uses it to obtain multidisciplinary financial risk management solutions.

Behavioural Research Lab

Our school is also home to a state-of-the-art behavioural research lab used by researchers with diverse research interests. The Usability Lab offers an array of sophisticated equipment including an eye-tracker for recording eye fixations and gaze, software to capture computer activity and video cameras and microphones to record activity. The Workgroup Lab accommodates 16 people and is equipped with ten laptops, four cameras, three ceiling microphones and a large flat-screen monitor. The seating can be arranged to accommodate interactive focus group sessions or separated to conduct behavioural studies at individual laptops, each of which is equipped with Media Lab and Direct RT software and full Internet access. Both rooms can be viewed through one-way mirrors from the Observation Lab located between the two rooms. The Observation Lab houses the data collection equipment, including two powerful servers, four external hard drives, DVD equipment and Sony multi-casting equipment which converts video to a storable format.

Research studies completed in the lab are quite diverse. Some examine how consumers search for product information online, and how subtle environmental cues affect their search behaviours. Others seek to understand the human communication processes by comparing conversations across various domains such as texting (or other computer-mediated devices) versus personal (face-to-face) communications.