We offer two degrees that allow you to develop valuable skills and knowledge, gain paid work experience, and build a network of professional contacts before you begin your career. Both programs position you to bring thoughtful leadership, innovative ideas, effective teamwork, and creative management solutions to wherever your career takes you.

Both have a similar foundation, both are taught by outstanding professors who care about teaching and students, and both equip you to make a contribution as a solutions-oriented leader or manager.  A person who makes a difference in the world.  In each case, we aspire to offer an inclusive, thoughtful environment that gives you the chance to take risks and realize your potential. But their differences are important, too - read about each to see which is right for you!


Our Bachelor of Commerce Co-op program (BComm)

A successful business doesn't happen by accident. Whether it's a new venture, a family-owned business, or a public corporation, you need key ingredients to succeed: marketing, accounting, information systems and data analytics, supply chain management, finance, organizational behavior, strategy, and many more. You also need to understand your business's place in the world, how you impact other organizations and people, and how they impact you, whether locally or globally.  The Bachelor of Commerce focuses on these key ingredients, ensuring that you are trained in essential business functions.

A unique feature is that every student is a co-op student. You’ll gain skills and experience, build your network, and get paid for it! We’re constantly working with employers to develop incredible opportunities. Because every student needs to find a co-op job, we dedicate significant time, starting from the first week in your first year, to ensuring you are ready to enter the job market and be effective in your second year of university. And your courses will link what you learned on your work term to what you learn in the classroom.  

After establishing this foundation, you can choose which parts of the business are most interesting to you and take courses to dive deeper. You can declare a major if you want, in areas like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and International Business. You can take your studies internationally through our exchange programs or field courses. Or you can take some time to sample subjects of personal or career interest from Dalhousie's wide array of programs.  Maybe your love of marketing will take you to psychology courses, or your interest in the ocean business sector will take you to marine biology and oceanography.

We are accredited by AACSB International, distinguishing Dalhousie as an internationally benchmarked, premium business school ranking among the world’s top-tier institutions. Our co-op program is also accredited by Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning Canada, which assures you that we have a credible and valuable co-op educational strategy.

Our graduates are in demand at employers around the world, or you can choose to continue and deepen your studies with a Masters of Science in Business.

Bachelor of Management (BMgmt)

Everything you care about needs to be managed. This program is designed to be flexible, open to your creative and varied interests, but built on a foundation on key management concepts like leadership, marketing, organizational behavior, and innovation. We want you to have the freedom to find careers in business environments, government, social enterprises, or non-profit sectors, working on things that excite you. It's not the management that's interesting, it's what you are managing: so it can be a program for students who want a business degree, but it’s also a program for students who know that they want to run an art gallery, write creative environment policy, manage a community theatre, or work in a library system. 

To help you explore your options, you can choose to complete an 8- or 12-month paid internship where you’ll gain experience and skills while building your network and establishing a deep connection with your employer - all while earning academic credit so you can graduate on schedule. 

Once you've completed your foundation, you can focus on a particular aspect of Management through majors or certificates like Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organizations, Managing Data and Information, Public Sector Management, Marketing, or Environment, Sustainability and Society.  But we need managers in all kinds of different fields, so this program has unparalleled space and flexibility to draw on the breadth of other subjects at Dalhousie. You can choose from literally hundreds of minors and certificates from across the university: intercultural communication, Indigenous studies, biology, environment and sustainability, ocean sciences, theatre, journalism.  Management helps you not only solve problems you care about, but also implement, apply, monitor, and manage the solution.

Recent Dalhousie graduates have moved into careers as managers, educators, and coordinators in fields like sports, entertainment, research, automotive, food and beverage, and consumer health. Or you can continue your studies with Masters degrees in areas like managing resources and the environment; information; or public administration.