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Canadian Startup EnergyX Solutions Inc. raises $1.3 Million to Bring Energy Management Software Platform to the U.S.


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CDL-Atlantic holds inaugural interview session [PDF - 38 kb]

On Friday, November 3, CDL–Atlantic held its inaugural in-person interview session with 28 of 53 shortlisted tech companies from around North America applying to participate in CDL-Atlantic’s objective based mentoring program. 

Media Highlight: Innovation accelerator program housed by Dalhousie University attracts high‑profile mentors (Chronicle Herald)

Creative Destruction Lab-Atlantic, the East Coast component of the new countrywide innovation accelerator, has named its roster of mentors, which includes such national business leaders as John Risley and Ken Rowe.

CDL-Atlantic’s first cohort will begin in December with Dalhousie University, CDL-Atlantic’s first cohort will begin in December under the leadership of Jesse Rodgers, the chief executive of Volta Labs in Halifax and one of the founders of the original CDL at University of Toronto.

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CDL-Atlantic partners with Atlantic Canada’s top business leaders [PDF - 45 kb]

September 18, 2017—Clearwater Fine Foods President John Risley and IMP Group Founder and Executive Chairman Ken Rowe have been named today as two of the many top Canadian business leaders to serve as mentors in CDL-Atlantic, the Dalhousie University–hosted offshoot of the Creative Destruction Lab, the prestigious Toronto-based national startup accelerator.

CDL-Atlantic Mentors Factsheet [PDF - 47 kb]

September 18, 2017—The CDL program provides mentorship to early-stage companies from select entrepreneurs and angel investors through Fellows (who commit to a higher level of time and financial support) and Associates. 

Creating Atlantic Canada's Next Entrepreneurial Superstars: Creative Destruction Lab coming to Atlantic Canada through Dal partnership

May 18, 2017—Canada’s top startup accelerator has joined forces with Dalhousie to launch a new branch of the program in Atlantic Canada — one that will help promising ventures transition into high-growth companies.