2017‑18 Graduating Ventures

Bereda Training Inc. Bereda Training is a Software as a Service business developing and offering innovative methods to improve planning functionality for endurance sports by leveraging existing analytical systems coaches already use and love.
Borealis Wind Borealis Wind has developed a wind turbine blade de-icing retrofit that is simple to install and maintain. It is able to reclaim 80% of the power that would have otherwise been lost to icing downtime.
Chinova Bioworks Consumers across the globe expect transparency when looking for food and beverage products. They look for products with simple natural ingredients, not products that contain long lists of unpronounceable ingredients. This shift is known as the clean label movement and is causing producers to shift to natural preservative products. Chinova Bioworks has developed a new clean label preservative using natural mushroom chitosan. This preservative is broad-spectrum, easy to use and meets producer and consumer needs.
Empowered Homes Empowered Homes is a St John’s, NL–based company with the goal of helping homeowners lower their energy bills through energy efficiency and conservation. To foster energy conservation, Empowered Homes designed Mysa, a smart thermostat that optimizes the performance of electric baseboard heating systems.
Energy X EnergyX is an energy management technology company on a mission to disrupt and replace traditional energy audits via our online energy audit and marketplace platform, MyEnergyXpert.
Graphite Innovation & Technologies Graphite Innovation & Technologies (GIT) Inc. is an R&D company producing high quality graphene GNP. GIT manufactures and sells graphene nanoplatelets and develops advanced materials customized for specific applications and technologies.
Harbr Market intelligence that provides more accurate pre-construction information to better define construction packages.
Jaza Jaza provides solar energy to the 600M people living in Sub-Saharan Africa without access to electricity. The company builds solar energy charging stations that customers use to charge batteries they use in their homes to power lights and charge mobile phones. Empower the 1.2 billion people living without electricity. The company sells batteries and lighting kits that customers use to power their homes. The batteries are exchanged for a fully charged unit at solar charging stations owned and operated by the company.
Kognitiv Spark Inc. Kognitiv Spark specializes in providing Holographic Worker Support technology for industrial use cases. Its RemoteSpark app for the Microsoft HoloLens is the first ever that allows industrial workers to connect with a remote expert and get task guidance through audio, video, holographic annotation and holographic models.
Salient Energy Salient's zinc-ion battery, made from zinc, water and a proprietary nanomaterial, is far less expensive, lasts longer and is intrinsically safe. The company aims to do for cleantech what lithium ion did for electronics: to greatly accelerate the adoption of wind and solar power and change the world in the process.
Seaformatics Systems Inc. Seaformatics Systems Inc. is producing a suite of turbine products and integrated systems that allow its customers to harness renewable energy in the form of flowing water and wind to power and recharge stand-alone devices such as personal electronics (cellphones, cameras, GPS, etc.), river/ocean–going sensors, and batteries in small campers and watercraft.
Whitecap Scientific Corporation Whitecap Scientific's ROV3D Recon software makes it easy for offshore oil and gas companies to make faster, more informed decisions about their subsea operations. It does this by transforming the subsea video collected by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) into real-time 3D data.