The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), based at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, has recently emerged as the leading accelerator program in Canada. Through a cross-country expansion, CDL has partnered with the Rowe School of Business to create CDL-Atlantic.


CDL-Atlantic will leverage the Rowe School of Business’ strengths to capitalize on Dalhousie’s world-class research expertise in ocean, clean and environmental technology, as well as agri-food and bio products. This partnership will further expand CDL’s portfolio of technology-based start-ups creating a unique “Blue-Green” technology stream as well as a general stream at CDL-Atlantic.

The CDL methodology

CDL-Atlantic will use the methodology established at the Rotman School, which employs an objectives-based mentoring process led by highly accomplished entrepreneurs and angel investors focused on developing massively scalable, science-based startups, often predicated on ideas developed over years of university research. The program also provides companies with opportunities to raise capital and receive guidance on technology roadmaps from the Lab’s Chief Scientists – leading professors in science, engineering and computer science. Companies also receive business development support from business school faculty and MBA students. The program is focused on a single goal: equity value maximization.

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