Awards and Prizes

The following is merely a snapshot of the external support our school has attracted during the past several years.

Sir Graham Day Scholarships in Business

This $1 million fund was launched in 2011 by school alumnus Sir Graham Day and business peers including Oxford Frozen Foods president and EastLink chairman John Bragg. The scholarships subsidize the work experience salaries of students studying family business, transportation or business-government relations in our Bachelor of Commerce co-op and Corporate Residency MBA programs.

Norman Newman Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is offered as a tribute to Mr. Newman's record of leadership in business and the community. For students beyond first year in our Commerce program or in the Corporate Residency MBA program, a competition involving a case study of a family business is the basis for awarding the scholarship. First and second place winners receive $2500 and $1000 respectively. Application required.

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