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NS Health Research Foundation grant for James Barker

Posted by Rowe School of Business on September 15, 2014 in Research

Professor James R. Barker has been awarded an Establishment Grant from the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation to study pharmacy safety in the province. Establishment grants provide the opportunity for researchers new to Nova Scotia to become integrated into the province’s health research environment. The three-year grant provides almost $150,000 to fund the development of procedures for reporting medication-dispensing errors and the formation of better mechanisms for pharmacists to improve their dispensing processes.

The members of Professor Barker’s research team include scholars from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Health Professions and from St. Francis Xavier University as well as both industry and regulatory professionals. Professor Todd Boyle, the Canadian Research Chair in Quality Assurance in Community Pharmacy, mentors the project along with Professor Neil Mackinnon, Dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Cincinnati.

Professor Barker holds the Herbert S. Lamb Chair in Business Education at Dalhousie’s Rowe School of Business in the Faculty of Management.