Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship


Innovation and the adoption of new technology lie at the heart of business competitiveness. Information systems are ubiquitous and no aspect of business is untouched by data that can be leveraged into intelligence, leading to opportunities for growth through innovation. The standard of living of developed economies depends increasingly on the effective development, implementation and application of innovative technology.

With this in mind, our TIME department fosters a multidisciplinary approach to taking ideas and actualizing them into sustainable business endeavours that generate new jobs and regional wealth. This area is epitomized by the dual embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit and the disciplined exploitation of knowledge to seize opportunities for new business ventures and to leverage technology to grow existing businesses. The area examines multiple aspects of the management of innovation and technological change ranging from the strategic to the managerial and behavioural levels. Research and teaching in the area encompasses management information systems (MIS), management of innovation processes, research and development, entrepreneurship, information technologies, project management, e-commerce and process technologies, as well as social media use in organizations.


Our TIME department offers a major in Entrepreneurship in the Bachelor of Commerce Co-op program, a major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Bachelor of Management program and a course in Technology and Innovation in the Corporate Residency MBA program. 

In addition, the department supports teaching, research and outreach by running the Starting Lean Initiative and by leading our partnerships with SAP University Alliance, ASUG (Americas' SAP Users' Group), Teradata University NetworkDeloitte Greenhouse and Tableau Academic programs.

SAP (Systems Applicaitons & Products in data processing) Student Recognition Award

Dalhousie has partnered with SAP University Alliances to provide the Student Recognition Award, which acknowledges those who have spent notable time using the SAP product suite during their degree program. This recognition/award is issued by the Faculty and Rowe School of Business. To be eligible for the award, students must take three courses with significant hands-on SAP content, and they must get B (or 3.3 on 4.3) or above from all three courses. Currently available courses include:

Career prospects

Studying with this department leads to jobs managing and leading technology-based innovations in the critically understaffed Information, Communications & Technology sector. Learn more about opportunities in Information Systems by visiting the Association for Information Systems for job and salary information and exploring opportunities in the SAP Internship Experience.
 Our Management Career Services serves students and employers by matching talent with opportunities in our 4-month Commerce Co-op and Management Internship positions placed year round as well as our 8-month January–August MBA Corporate Residencies.

Faculty members in Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship