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Classes in this area deal with issues relating to leading people within organizations. There are introductory classes on understanding what makes people behave the way they do in organizations and how to communicate effectively in and around organizations, as well as more advanced classes on intercultural management, HR management, leadership, crisis communication, organizational change and management skills.


Our Bachelor of Commerce Co-op program offers a major in Managing People and Organizations. The Bachelor of Management program offers one in Leadership and Organizations.

Career prospects

Completing this major will help you secure a job as a trainee or junior manager in any industry. Alternatively, it will help you start a business. Potential careers include:

  • Account executive
  • Business manager
  • Communications officer
  • Insurance agent
  • Sales representative
  • HR manager
  • General, unit or departmental manager.

Faculty members in Management

Department coordinator: Linda Macdonald, Assistant Professor
Jenny Baechler, Lecturer
James Barker, Professor, Herbert S. Lamb Chair in Business Education
Scott Comber, Assistant Professor
Peggy Cunningham, Professor, R.A. Jodrey Chair in Commerce
Cedric Dawkins, Associate Professor
Dana Kabat-Farr, Assistant Professor
Jill Manderson, Assistant Professor
Eddy Ng, Professor, F. C. Manning Chair in Economics and Business
David Stuewe, Professor
Binod Sundararajan, Associate Professor
Kathleen Wooden, Lecturer