Business is about developing and maintaining relationships. Management courses focus on fostering these relationships through leadership, communication and responsible management practices. Introductory classes provide an understanding of how people communicate and act effectively in and around organizations to interact and collaborate successfully. Advanced classes focus on maintaining and enhancing relationships through intercultural management, HR management, leadership, crisis communication, organizational change and management skills development.

Undergraduate Majors

Our Bachelor of Commerce Co-op program offers a major in Managing People and Organizations. The Bachelor of Management program offers one in Leadership and Organizations.

Master of Science in Business

The Master of Science in Business offers a concentration in Management in which you can acquire cutting-edge management knowledge. The concentration will prepare you for a career in management, leadership and related areas or for pursuing a PhD.

Career prospects

Completing this major will help you secure a job as a trainee or junior manager in any industry. Alternatively, it will help you start a business. Potential careers include:

  • Account executive
  • Business manager
  • Communications officer
  • Insurance agent
  • Sales representative
  • HR manager
  • General, unit or departmental manager.

Faculty members in Management