Study Abroad

Studying abroad offers wonderful opportunities to travel, to meet and interact with people from different cultures and to create a worldwide network of friends and future business contacts. Making study abroad a part of your education is the most effective and accessible means for students to develop intangible life skills such as independence, time management, organization, social skills and self-confidence, because it pushes them to go beyond their comfort zone to experience another culture, language, environment and education system. In an interconnected global world, diverse international experiences will help your résumé stand out to future employers or Graduate Schools.

Israel Exchange Program

Learn more about the four-week Israel Exchange Program happening in August of each year. 

Full-Semester Exchanges


2nd Year Fall Term Personal research on various exchange locations
2nd Year Winter Term Deadline to apply to go on an International Centre exchange: January
Program acceptance letters sent out
Academic plan should be made with advising office
2nd Year Summer Term Deadline to apply to go on Rowe Student exchange: July 1, 2018
Program acceptance letters sent out
Academic plan should be made with advising office
3rd Year Fall Term Ensure all documents are in order and travel plans are set
3rd Year Winter Term Studying Abroad
3rd Year Summer Term Commerce students will be participating in their third coop unless the academic term runs beyond mid-June. Management Students participating in an internship program will begin their internship unless the academic term ends in June. Academic terms that end too late to begin a co-op or internship will result in a delay of the expected graudation date. 
Note: Many partner universities do not run on the same academic cycle. Make travel plans accordingly.