Commerce Co-op students can choose to complete a certificate as a complement their degree. Below are options offered within the Commerce program; however, there are many more offered by the University. For a complete list, visit the Certificates section of the Academic Calendar.

Certificate in Financial Accounting

The Financial Accounting Certificate will investigate financial statements and annual reports to understand the overall health of the organization. Students will develop an understanding of basic financial accounting methodologies and develop analytical and procedural skills. Topics include analysis of financial statements, MD&A, pensions, deferred taxes, corporate investments, and cash flow.  Find out more at the Certificate in Financial Accounting website.

Note – this certificate is not available to those majoring in Accounting

Certificate in FinTech and Financial Innovation

The FinTech and Financial Innovation Certificate will appeal to students who are interested in the rapidly developing field of FinTech and the associated innovations in the delivery of financial serives.  In particular, students will develop skills and knowledge in the areas of innovation and adapting technology for scalable mass-market applications. Find out more at the Certificate in FinTech and Financial Innovation website.

Certificate in Leadership

The Leadership Certificate develops students' knowledge of leadership theories, addresses how the student can incorporate these theories into practice, and positions students to take the appropriate and useful organizational action.  Skills learned are applicable to public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.
Certificate in Leadership website

Certificate in Management Accounting

The Management Accounting Certificate is designed to support students who wish to develop a deeper understanding of key topics in cost/managerial accounting and their management control implications..  Find out more at the Certificate in Management Accounting website.

Note – this certificate is not available to those majoring in Accounting

Certificate in Quantitative Finance

The certificate in Quantitative Finance will help students leverage quantitative skills within the financial markets.  Students will appreciate the tradeoffs between risk and return in relation to pricing models. Find out more at the Certificate in Quantitative Finance website.