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Become an RSBconnect Partner

In fall 2017, we will be matching teams from our 230 final year MBA and Commerce students with businesses and organizations in our community. They will work on eight-month projects to address issues with an organization’s current strategy, suggest changes, and provide an implementation plan for addressing those strategic issues. Students and agency sponsors will sign confidentiality agreements and schedule interaction points to help develop the research and keep projects on track. If your project is chosen (approved by professors and selected by students), you will receive an interim report in January 2018 and an implementation plan in April 2018—both at little or no cost to you.

RSBconnect Partners: Apply for a project

  • We will help potential participants develop a project outline [PDF 159 kB] so students can determine which projects will be undertaken. If you are interested please contact RSBconnect.

Types of projects

  • Developing a strategy to pursue a new market.
  • Growing the organization.
  • Addressing a major organizational threat or opportunity.
  • Designing, producing and marketing new products and services.

These class projects can offer your organization a fresh perspective on important issues at little or no cost. You would be expected to cover the students' out-of-pocket costs, e.g. travel to your office. Additionally, it is essential that students speak with the owner or manager and two of their senior advisors who will need to share firm-level information, subject to a confidentiality agreement, related to the project. This access is necessary for students to deliver a quality report and understand the balance a decision-maker must consider when making strategic decisions. These interactions provide students with an opportunity to get hands-on experience in applying the knowledge and skills they have developed during their education.