2018 Shaw Lecture Series

Income guarantees, freedom and global security

There is renewed discussion and excitement over the concept of a Guaranteed Annual Income – both the left and the right on the Canadian political spectrum have vigorously debated the merits and limitations of such a government safety net that would provide a basic standard living income to all citizens. Current pilot studies across the world, including Ontario, are exploring the feasibility of a Guaranteed Annual Income. Come join Senator Hugh Segal and local leaders Dr. Mandy Kay-Raining Bird and Pierre Stevens to build our understanding of the local, national and international contexts of this important issue.

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Hon. Hugh Segal

The Hon. Hugh Segal is the 5th elected Principal of Massey College and former Canadian Senator
who chaired both the Senate Foreign Affairs and Anti-Terrorism Committees. He is also a former
Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Mulroney, and former Associate Cabinet Secretary in Ontario.
Major initiatives in the Senate included proposing parliamentary oversight for national security
and intelligence, including cyber defence and active measures. Other global security related
engagements include being co-chair of the global Democracy 10 Strategy Group, The Atlantic
(NATO) Council of Canada. He is Senior Fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and
an Honorary Captain in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Dr. Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird

Dr. Elizabeth (Mandy) Kay-Raining Bird (PhD Madison, Wisconsin) is a professor in the School of
Communication Sciences and Disorders at Dalhousie University and a certified speech-language
pathologist. Her research and teaching is in the area of child language development and disorders,
with a particular focus on bilingualism, Down syndrome, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. At a
community level, Dr. Kay-Raining Bird has been very active on various anti-poverty initiatives, most
recently advocating for a Basic Income as chair of Basic Income Nova Scotia.

Pierre Stevens

Pierre Stevens recently retired from Dalhousie University where he taught for 35 years in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He was active in the Dalhousie Faculty Association, serving on the Executive and the negotiation team. Pierre grew up in the Netherlands where he benefitted from a government-funded post-secondary education. Pierre is currently the Treasurer of both the Basic Income Canada Network and Basic Income Guarantee–Nova Scotia. He is guided by his belief that every human being has the right to a fair standard of living, and that as a society we have an obligation to make this possible for all.

About the Shaw Lecture Series

The Lloyd Shaw Lecture Series is an endowed lectureship at Dalhousie University bringing speakers to campus on an array of topics, including public affairs, business, peace and international relations.

Previous Shaw lecturers include former Canadian Ambassador to the UN, Mr. Stephen Lewis, and former Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding at the UN, Ms. Carolyn McAskie.

Mr. Lloyd Shaw was a Nova Scotia industrialist, social activist and humanitarian. The Shaw Lecture Series was founded by the Shaw/McDonough family to recognize Mr. Shaw’s dedication to the Province of Nova Scotia, and to offer a venue for multilateral, non-partisan discussions on issues of importance to the citizens of this province.