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FoM success in the Dalhousie SSHRC Research Development Fund Competition

Posted by Faculty of Management on November 13, 2015 in Research

The Faculty of Management is pleased to announce that 7 of its researchers were successful in their application to the SSHRC Research Development Fund. This is a 70% success rate for our faculty in this competition. The Fund provides up to $3500 to researchers to help them strengthen their proposals for future SSHRC competitions.

Congratulations to the following researchers:

Hamed Aghakani (RSB): “Get Rid of Your Coins and Keep Your Own Bills: The Role of Money in Psychological Tension”

Valerie Trifts (RSB): “A Theoretical Model of the Effects of Personalized Product Placements on Consumer Preference”

Jennifer Grek-Martin (SIM): “Tourism and Perceptions of Literary and Cinematic Place”

Lori McCay-Peet (SIM): “Boundary-Crossing: Implications for the Use of Social Media for Knowledge Work”

Mike Smit (SIM): “The Effects of Semantic Search on the Information Seeking Behaviour of Search Engine Users”

Markus Sharaput (SPA): “Regional Development and Subsystem Complexity in Nova Scotia”

Tony Walker (SRES): “Social and Environmental Issues related to Harbour Divestiture in Canada”