CCEPA: Greed – how much is too much?

If 'Greed is Good', how much is too much?
Dr. Chris MacDonald, Director,
Ted Rogers Leadership Centre, Ryerson University

Beginning with the principle that greed can be good, this presentation explores the ethical contexts and limits of greed in modern society. What is greed in the 21st century? Can the enthusiastic pursuit of more have positive side-effects? What crosses the line?
Respondent: Dr. David Deane, Professor of Theology, Atlantic School of Theology
Moderator: Dr. Cathy Driscoll, Acting Chair, Management, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University



Paul O'Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library


Free admission

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Part Two of a seven-part series, Seven Deadly Sins, exploring the personal and collective consequences of our thoughts and actions as we continue to grapple with age-old temptations. Watch the first presentation in this series LUST | Pornography – What’s Right, What’s Wrong?