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Career Prep Program

The Career Prep Program helps students learn and develop effective job search strategies while promoting an active approach to their career development.  

There are many benefits to participating in the Career Prep Program.  Students who successfully complete the Career Prep Program requirements will receive valuable recognition through a certificate of completion and recognition on your Dalhousie Co-Curricular Record.  In addition, the Career Prep Program gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn about various jobs, employers, and industries
  • Build your network and improve your job application documents
  • Gain the skills and strategies you need to conduct an effective job search and launch your career
  • Enhance your professional profile and stand out amongst your peers by adding the Career Prep Program to your resume or LinkedIn account
  • Demonstrate your commitment to professional growth to prospective mentors and employers

How to be recognized

1.       Complete six of the following eight career development activities:

Complete one of these two items

1.  Participate in the Career Smart All-Inclusive Workshop  

2. Participate in 3 MCS Workshops

Complete three of these four items

3. Attend 3 MCS employer information sessions/ networking events (that have attendance tracked)

4. Do a Mock Interview with a Career & Recruitment Specialist (CRS)

5. Watch 2 of the e-Learning workshops

6. Conduct an informational interview

Complete both of these items

7. Get your cover letter & resume approved by a CRS at MCS

8. Meet with a CRS to discuss your career development next steps. Book your appointment with your CRS once all items are complete

2.       Complete and submit the Career Prep Program form through myCareer (under the Management Career Services tab).   

3.       Request to have the Career Prep Program added to your record on myCareer (under the Co-Curricular Record tab). We will verify that all details are accurate and complete.  


You are eligible to participate in the Career Prep Program if you are enrolled in one of these degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Library and Information Studies

In order to receive recognition, all six Career Prep Programs activities you choose to participate in must be completed within two consecutive academic years. For example, any relevant activities from September 2016 to August 2018 will be counted.


Contact Jessica Mackenzie at J.Mackenzie@dal.ca or call 902-494-8511.