Corporate Residency MBA Interview Week

Looking to identify talent from Dalhousie’s Corporate Residency MBA students?

Corporate Residency MBA recruitment at Dalhousie University begins with our Interview Week which is held in early September each year. Participating in this exclusive event provides your organization with direct access to our pre-screened, high calibre MBA students.

Our Corporate Residency MBA program offers an 8-month paid internship and students are available for hire January to August each year. Our MBA candidates have diverse backgrounds including science, healthcare, business, marketing, finance, engineering and IT and come from across Canada, the US and overseas. A number of our MBA students are also multilingual in languages such as French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi. Our students are interested in a broad range of internship opportunities including marketing, finance, international business, IT, strategy, business–government, project management and consulting.

With a proven track record, our students will hit the ground running and be a valuable addition to your organization.

Who Can Participate?

Employers who are interested in meeting, networking with or hiring MBA candidates are encouraged to participate in CRMBA Interview Week. Can't make it this year? Great opportunities to recruit still exist! To learm more, contact our Employer Development Team.  

The Advantages

Participating employers will have access to all student participants through a number of avenues, including:

  • CRMBA Resume Book – highlighting the resumes and profiles of all CRMBA students
  • Pitch Presentation – live elevator pitches from every CRMBA student
  • Networking – Assess first impressions during our networking events with students, staff and other employers
  • 1:1 Interviews – Select individual interviews with students you’ve identified as quality talent

How to Register?

Registration is easy and free! To confirm your registration and to create student awareness about your organization simply follow the job posting process to upload your 8-month internship opportunity to myCareer between May and August, 2019 or contact Ally Howard for complete details.

2019 Recruitment Process & Timeline

June - August  CRMBA Employer & Industry Awareness Sessions on campus
Week of
July 22
E-copy of CRMBA Resume Book sent to employers
August 1 Deadline for employers to submit job postings for CRMBA Interview Week. Click here for details on the Interview Week job posting process
August 15 CRMBA Interview Week Pitch & Mingle Reception
Halifax, NS (4:00pm - 7:30pm)
August 18 All job postings close
August 20

MCS sends all application packages to employers

August 21 – September 3

Employers short list candidates and can directly schedule interviews with students via myCareer. Employers can select interview time lengths to suit their needs.

  • Students should be given at least 3 days advanced notice of their interview date
  • Students’ class schedule during Interview Week will be provided by MCS
  • For distance interviews (e.g. phone/video conference): To avoid confusion with time zone differences, we ask that you submit your interview requests in Atlantic time.
September 5-11 CRMBA Interview Week
(In-person, Skype & telephone interviews. On campus or at employer’s location).
September 5-13 Employers send job offers to MCS
September 16-20 Job offers are made to CRMBA candidates
September 23 - December CRMBA internship recruitment continues on a first-come, first-served basis
January - August 2020 8-month internships take place