Data Literacy & Business Analytics Workshop

The Data Literacy & Business Analytics Workshop is an intensive 3-day experience intended to help participants understand and define where and how big data and advanced analytics can transform their business.

Leverage Big Data. Make Better Decisions.

Companies are struggling to manage the opportunities and challenges created by big data. Buried within the data sources are new insights about customers, products and operations that can drive revenue, profit growth, innovation and productivity.

Are you ready for data-driven decision making? Learn how to lead a data-driven organization.

  • Data terminology and vendor ecosystem explained
  • Find opportunities to enrich your organization’s data
  • Explore data analytics and technologies with hands-on demos 

  • Learn about empowering business users with the latest self-serve analytics technologies

Program Overview

Day 1: Big Picture on Big Data
Day 2: Focus on Analytics
Day 3: Understanding the Landscape and Navigating the Ecosystem

  • Cases will be used to demonstrate the cross-functional organizational impact of big data uses
  • Demos include state of the art analytic tools such as IBM Watson Analytics and SAP Predictive Analytics
  • Popular methods explored include descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics 


2020 Dates TBA

Key Take-Aways

Upon completion of the 3-day workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an improved data literacy and an understanding of what is big data 
  2. Recognize the potential that data offers 
  3. Recognize and evaluate opportunities for collecting new data 
  4. Understand the critical role played by senior managers in creating a data-driven organization
  5. Know how to ask the right questions to drive effective and efficient decision-making using data

Who should attend this workshop? 

Small business owners and founders of innovative start-ups; Corporate directors and officers; Divisional vice-presidents; Experienced public administrators in federal, provincial and municipal government; National, regional and international business unit managers; General managers and branch managers; Executive directors of associations and NGOs; Senior managers of Crown corporations; Professional services executives; CMOs and Marketing Managers or Directors.

Data literacy explained by Dr. Mike Smit. Watch Video! 

Course Descriptions:

Day 1: Big Picture on Big Data 

Participants will learn what is big data, what do you do with it, and how it can be used to discover insight and to add value. Emphasis will be on what big data means to organizations. Participants will learn managerial issues around sourcing and using big data, including legal, technical and ethical perspectives. Different big data use cases from various organizational functions will be used to develop a shared understanding of the strategic value of big data. 

Day 2: Focus on Analytics 

Day filled with demos of various state of the art tools to show what can actually be done with big data. Participants will learn what types of analytics are good for which scenarios and come away with an understanding of popular methods for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Best and worst practices for presenting data in organizations using dashboards and visualizations will be covered through interactive activities. 

Day 3: Understanding the Landscape and Navigating the Ecosystem 

Leave equipped with a vocabulary and understanding of the underlying technologies for storing and analyzing big data. Participants will learn about latest trends in technologies offered by leading vendors and products. Talent and human resource issues around data analytics will be discussed, with an organizational self-assessment on data literacy. We will conclude with options for increasing organizational big data readiness and best practices around emerging technologies. 

Meet our Faculty

Hossam Ali-HassamDr. Hossam Ali-Hassan is a Professor of Management Information Systems in the Rowe School of Business and his research interests include the study of emergent technologies and trends, and their impact on employee’s social capital and job performance. His current focus is on business analytics, social media, crowdsourcing and open innovation.

Michael BleimelDr. Michael Bliemel is a Professor of Management Information Systems in the Rowe School of Business. He is a researcher and
award winning teacher, interested in the strategic application of analytics technology in organizations.

Mike SmitDr. Mike Smit is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Management. He has the enviable and challenging opportunity to conduct research and teach classes around any points where people, information and technology intersect, putting his three degrees in Computer Science to good use.