Public Sector Innovation

Public Sector Innovation

Format: One-day workshop
Course Facilitator: Markus Sharaput, PhD
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Course Description

The core meaning of the word “innovation” is the adoption of new practices and techniques which, when applied, produce positive change.  While traditionally, the process has been associated with the private sector, there is a growing need for it in the public sphere, as governments deal with increasing demand for services, constrained resources, and greater citizen expectations.  

Given the range of major challenges facing public sector authorities, and the increasing pressure to behave differently in response, building the capacity for public sector innovation is now an imperative.

Stimulating innovation usually depends on three key elements:

  • Helping employees develop into the kind of people who seek out opportunities for innovation
  • Encouraging an organisational culture which is not only receptive to suggestions of change, but enables and encourages their adoption
  • Developing mechanisms to incubate ideas, testing their viability in a way that both permits risk-taking, and protects the overall operation from the consequences of failure. 

In other words, organisations need people who seek innovation, organisations need to listen when those people speak, and organisations need to create opportunities to try new things. Most importantly, organisations need a capacity to learn from their efforts at, and experiences of, innovation.  

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this highly interactive course, participants will:

  • Understand the core dynamics of innovation, and the different forms it can take
  • Understand the implications of innovation for how government organizes
  • Understand how public sector organisations can create an innovation culture 
  • Be able to identify, and develop strategies to manage, the core challenges to promoting innovation in government
  • Analyse and discuss critical case studies in the development of public sector innovation