Biases in Decision Making

Course Description

Most of us are unaware of the cognitive biases and unconscious preferences impacting and often undermining decision-making and critical reasoning. Learning to identify and address these biases and preferences can lead to increased problem solving capacity and greater efficiency. 

Building on over thirty years of research in psychology and behavioral economics, we will identify the most common categories of errors, pitfalls and distortions chiefly responsible for poor decisions. Then, we will learn actionable preventive measures and techniques each of us can exercise to reduce bias and achieve better decisions at individual and team levels.  The course utilizes lectures, illustrative case studies, and role play allowing participants to fully embrace and practice course concepts.

The first day of the course examines individual cognitive biases.  The second day focuses on group cognitive biases.  In both instances, we will look at remediation and mitigation strategies. Each day is independent from the other and participants may elect to take either of the two days or both.

Learning Outcomes:

In Biases in Decision Making, you will learn how to:

  • Detect cognitive biases and reasoning fallacies both in yourself and in others’
  • Develop better mental habits
  • Improve the objective quality of your decisions
  • Understand both the drawbacks and benefits of group dynamics
  • Develop a personal action plan for mitigating biases in decision making