Executive Coaching

Leadership development is a personalized endeavour. Each leader has unique and individual needs in the development process; therefore we recommend personal, professional executive coaching by certified coaches, either individually, in teams, and/or as a component of one of our Leadership Development Programs.

Executive Coaching: Our certified executive coaches are transformational leaders and experienced executives who bring extensive skills to their coaching roles, including group facilitation, leadership development, conflict resolution, effective communications, and building healthy workplace cultures and environments for all.

Team Coaching: Coaches are available to work with teams facing workplace team-based challenges, including increasing productivity, change mangement, communications, conflict resolution, and more.

Meet Our Coaches

Custom Designed

Our coaches design and tailor individual programs to meet the specific needs of each participant, and to assist in developing new competencies and skills.  Individual needs are determined through coaching conversations and various assessment tools to establish coaching objectives, and clearly outline the skills to be developed.

Build Leadership Skills & Competencies

Based on identified needs, participants will be coached to develop competencies. These competencies and skills will include strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, interpersonal relations, effective leadership (including listening and feedback skills, team building, trust building, stress management and time management).

A primary goal will be to transfer coaching skills to the participants so that, in turn, they can provide coaching to their staff and others.