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The Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity serves as a resource hub for family businesses, providing them access to education, information and referrals that can help them deal with their unique challenges.


The Centre houses a library of books related to the challenges of managing a family business, and has a suggested reading list for those interested in learning more about the topic. We also provide guidance on what online resources may be of interest to those exploring the complex dynamics of families in business.


Best research to date suggests that formal corporate boards, advisory boards, or at least individual mentors or coaches can serve a meaningful role in terms of family succession and wealth management. The Centre will assist families in connecting with these individuals who have been educated on family dynamics and good governance practices.

Further to this, as part of a university network supported by the Business Families Foundation, the Dalhousie Centre also provides general outreach through educational and networking opportunities, allowing family businesses to connect.

Employment Resources

Thanks to the generosity of KPMG, a key supporter of the Centre,