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Business Family Dynamics

Qualifies for continuing education credits for many organizations

This is the first module of the Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX) Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) Program which is being offered in Atlantic Canada on a stand alone basis.  Business Family Dynamics provides a strong foundation for all advisors to family business.  Should participants want to build upon this learning they can choose to complete the full program with 6 additional modules offered in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.   If there are a minimum of 15 participants interested in the full program, our Centre may consider offering future modules in Halifax.

Who Should Attend?

All Professionals working with or in family businesses, whether they are senior executives, lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, family business consultants, management consultants, managers, advisors, HR professionals, members of Board of Directors, estate planners or others.


Learn the concepts that are fundamental to understanding the family enterprise and its unique challenges. Understand family enterprise as an interactive system between the family, business, and ownership systems.


This intensive two-day course introduces you to the concepts fundamental to understanding the family enterprise and its unique challenges. Gain the tools and understanding required to lead the family enterprise you advise with a special focus on doing so in the current economic climate. Expand your network of professional contacts and learn to rethink the way you apply technical advice in the business family environment.

Core Teachings:

  • Grasp Family Enterprise Essentials – Learn the advantages and challenges of family-owned businesses in the current economic climate
  • Understand Unique Features of Family Enterprise – Be aware of the features that are unique to family enterprises such as family dynamics and the impact of family relationship on business performance; understand how these features impact consultation with your family enterprise client
  • Learn to Apply the Three Circle Model as a Systemic Approach for Working With Family Enterprises – Understand the fundamentals of the Three Circle Model of family enterprise and the interaction between the family, the business, and the ownership
  • Discover Family Systems Theory – Learn about behaviour patterns that can be transmitted across generations, and the difference between whole-systems thinking and single-system thinking
  • Develop Genograms – Understand the significance of genograms—a practical tool used for understanding family structure and its impact on the individual
  • Understand the Evolution of the Entrepreneurial Family – Understand the lifecycles of the family, the business, the ownership, the individual, and the industry to comprehend how family enterprises change over time, and how to best manage that change
  • Identify Ownership Structure of the Family Enterprise – Understand the types of ownership structures that define the way family enterprises develop over time
  • Explore Relationship Transitions – Understand the key transitions that family members go through in their lifetime and the impact on the family and the business    

Return on Investment – What will you learn and apply?

At the end of this highly interactive course participants will:

  • Have discussed best practices and latest research related to family enterprises
  • Understand who your client is while working with family enterprises
  • Understand who you are as a strategic family business advisor
  • Utilize models for approaching your work with a family enterprise in a holistic manner
  • Gain a greater understanding of concepts fundamental to family enterprises
  • Develop a stronger appreciation for the complexities associated with working in and with a family enterprise

2018 Session Dates - TBD

Maximun class size - 25.

8:30 - 5:00 p.m. both days



Includes continental breakfast and lunch on both days    

$2,500 + HST

$2,000 +HST for additional attendees from the same company

$2250 + HST for Family Business Association Atlantic members.


Contact Leslie McNabb at leslie.mcnabb@dal.ca or call (902) 494-3222.