How to Register Online

Steps for Web Registration

If this is your first visit:

Step 1: Registering for Your Classes

  1. Go to and Login using your Dalhousie NetID and Password.
  2. Select Web for Students
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select the term you want to register for, e.g. Fall (2016/2017 Fall)
  5. Select Add/Drop Classes
  6. Enter Course Reference Numbers (CRNs): Please check the registration website for the CRN, course and number information
  7. Select Submit Changes; the course should show up on your profile as web registered.

Step 2: Tuition – Fee Assessment (starting from Web for Students)

  1. Select Student Records
  2. Click Account Detail by Term
  3. Select correct term (choosing the most current term will show the outstanding balance in its entirety)
  4. To find the amount owing on your account, look at the Account Balance at the top of the most current term.

Step 3: Payment methods for Students and Sponsors

Note: if you are being sponsored by your employer, please have them send a Third Party Billing Form to the Program office and Student Accounts office to arrange payment.

  1. Go to the Student Accounts Website,
  2. Click Payments for a list of tuition payment methods.


Important Information about Fees and Registration Information

Registration and paying fees by term

  • Graduate students are required to register on a per term basis.
  • The academic year is divided into three terms: Fall, Winter and Summer.
  • Tuition fees (including material fees) are to be paid in full each term.
  • Course fee students will only pay for the courses they are taking in any one term.

Maintaining Registration

  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies permits all students to have one semester off per school year (September–August). If you are taking your second semester off in one school year, please fill out the Request for Program Continuance (contact for a copy of this form) and return by email or by fax to (902) 494-5164.

Deadline for Registration

  • Please check your registration website for the deadline dates for Registration and Fee Payment

Late Registration Fees

  • A late fee of $50.00 will be charged to those students who fail to register by the deadline.
  • A late fee of $50.00 and interest will be charged to those students who fail to pay their fees in full by the assigned deadline. An additional $50.00 will be charged if the student does not have the outstanding fees paid by the next required deadline (i.e., 1 month after first deadline).
  • Students will not be permitted to register for the new courses until all outstanding fees are paid. 

Withdrawals and Refunds

  • Please refer to the Registration website for withdrawal dates and refunds. Please contact if you wish to withdraw from a class after the registration deadline. We will inform you of the proper procedure to follow and whether or not you are eligible for a refund.