Cultivate Partnerships and Outreach

Our Faculty recognizes that we can no longer pursue our goals in isolation. Partnerships will leverage our position and increase our chances for success. Innovation and entrepreneurship for economic growth will be a centrepiece of our strategy. Data science, one of our Faculty’s most significant strengths, will be elevated as a core competency for our Faculty through forging partnerships on campus and beyond. In doing so, our Faculty will pursue new ways to reduce or even eliminate fiscal pressures.

3.1 Maximize opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable regional prosperity

Champion: Jeff Larsen

  • With the Faculty of Management’s leadership, Dalhousie will become a leading institution in innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization across the country
  • The Faculty of Management will be at the epicentre of our entrepreneurship ecosystem which serves our regional economy to the fullest

3.2 Position the Faculty as a leader in analytics and digital transformation across all sectors

Champion: Sylvain Charlebois

  • The Faculty of Management, in collaboration with other faculties, will embrace data science and the different ways we make decisions
  • With other Faculties, the Faculty of Management will become the hub of knowledge on business analytics, open data systems and the general use of data in organizations

3.3 Create and expand self-sustaining programs with key partners

Champion: Martine Durier-Copp

  • The Faculty of Management will increase the number of revenue streams and will diversify its portfolio of revenue-generating initiatives
  • The Faculty of Management will work with Advancement to secure key partnerships to support the University’s goals
  • We will increase the amount donated through annual giving
  • The Faculty of Management will increase the number of alumni touch-points annually
  • The Faculty of Management will develop a renewed executive education strategy with the Faculty of Continuing Education