2. Foster Internationalization and Global Citizenship

Expanding our programs is a constant goal we aspire to reach. To offer current and future students a different perspective on life from all corners of the world, it is critical that we recruit and deliver programs abroad. In doing so, we can achieve a better understanding of the world and appreciate our role as leading stewards of a tolerant and inclusive society. And of course, the balance between environmental protectionism and economic prosperity is our focus.

2.1 Seek and expand intercultural and international programs and partnerships; provide staff, students, and faculty with opportunities to engage in intercultural learning

Champion: Greg Hebb

  • All our undergraduate and graduate programs will have international connections, inbound, outbound and/or both
  • All staff and Faculty will be involved with intercultural learning experiences, domestically and abroad, to foster better integration
  • We intend to build more pathways for entry into the Bachelor of Management Program while enhancing its curriculum

2.2 Foster a culture of environmental understanding and stewardship within the Faculty of Management

Champion: Tony Walker

  • Our pedagogy and programs will foster equity, inclusion, and environmental accountability
  • The Faculty of Management will continue to be a leader in the pursuit of understanding scientific, economic and humanistic dimensions of sustainability

2.3 Develop a stronger, more collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness within the Faculty of Management 

Champion: Sylvain Charlebois

  • We will continue to build relationships based on mutual respect
  • The Faculty will have initiatives which recognize the multiple contributions of our students, staff and faculty.