Our Faculty has strived to offer experiential opportunities to all our students for decades. Our new strategy ventures to expand beyond what we do so well currently. From eLearning leadership to research in the area, our Faculty can influence how we teach and learn by eliminating the walls of a classroom.

1.1 Support and expand EL and digital learning initiatives across the Faculty

Champion: Vivian Howard

  • Unique in its integration of EL with digital learning, the FoM will be recognized as one of the leading eLearning delivery units in the country
  • We will increase the number of students enrolled in blended programs or programs delivered abroad
  • We will use state-of-the-art technologies to enhance communications and pedagogy and overall experiential learning experiences
  • We will increase the number of international EL opportunities for students, staff and faculty

1.2 Strengthen staff and faculty EL-related activities, including teaching and research

Champion: Dominika Wranik

  • All staff, faculty and students will be actively involved in experiential learning activities
  • The Faculty of Management will continue to contribute to a culture of research and practice around EL

1.3 Build and foster relationships with other Faculties and community on EL

Champion: Sandra Toze

  • The Faculty of Management will be highly engaged with alumni on EL opportunities
  • Our Faculty will be engaged with most Faculties on campus on EL joint initiatives, particularly with Computer Science, Law, FASS, Health, Science, Agriculture and Continuing Education