Research Profiles

Read about the specific areas of interest of some of the professors of the Schulich School of Law:

Professor Jocelyn Downie, has research interests that include the following:

  • women's health
  • assisted death
  • research involving humans
  • organ transplantation

Her work is interdisciplinary, collaborative, and geared both to contributing to the academic literature and to effecting change in health law and policy at federal and provincial levels. She is currently analyzing and recommending appropriate regulation to govern health research involving human subjects. Her findings will provide a better foundation on which to base future public policy in these critical areas.

Professor David VanderZwagg, Canada Research Chair in Ocean Law and Governance, is currently involved in research covering a number of issues surrounding international and regional environmental law:

  • evaluating global ocean governance;
  • examining the effectiveness of regional agreements for managing fisheries and protecting the arctic marine environment;
  • and studying issues raised by sustainable development, community-based management, indigenous rights and ecosystem-based management.

His research aims to develop legislative and regulatory reforms toward supporting more principled decision making in ocean governance.