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From criminal and online consumer law to climate change, ocean governance, and a legal guide for Canadian churches, our researchers and faculty work relentlessly to research and publish books that reshape and expand the law’s theory and practice.

Aquaculture Law and Policy Towards Principled Access and Operations

Edited by David L VanderZwaag and Gloria Chao

The aquaculture industry is fast expanding around the globe and causing major environmental and social disruptions. This volume is about getting a "good governance" grip on this important industry. It highlights the numerous law and policy issues that must be addressed in the search for effective regulation of aquaculture.

Bora Laskin: Bringing Law to Life

Philip Girard

In any account of 20th-century Canadian law, Bora Laskin (1912–1984) looms large. Philip Girard chronicles the life of a man who, at all points of his life, was a fighter for a better Canada: he fought antisemitism, corporate capital, omnipotent university boards, the Law Society of Upper Canada, and his own judicial colleagues in an effort to modernize institutions and reshape Canadian law.

The Legal Guide for Canadian Churches

David Blaikie and Diana Ginn

This reference book begins with a general overview of the way the law work, then takes readers step by step through all of the legal implications of the daily operation of a church and parish community. In addition to addressing culpability and risk reduction, the authors deal with those aspects of government regulation and criminal law that can have an impact on the daily life of a church community.

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, 1754–2004: From Imperial Basion to Provincial Oracle

Edited by Philip Girard, Jim Phillips, and Barry Cahill

Prepared to coincide with the 250th anniversary of the establishment of Nova Scotia's Supreme Court, this important volume provides a comprehensive history of the institution, Canada's oldest Common Law court.

Health Law at the Supreme Court of Canada

Edited by Jocelyn Downie and 
Elaine Gibson

The 14 essays in this book demonstrate the sweep of health law issues addressed by the Supreme Court of Canada. The authors discuss the implications of the Court's decisions in landmark cases such as Latimer, Rodriquez, Morgentaler, Harvard College, and, most recently, Chaoulli, providing careful and critical evaluation of the Court's role in shaping, both directly and indirectly, health care delivery and health policy in Canada.

Critical Disability Theory

Dianne Pothier and Richard Devlin

People with disabilities in Canada inhabit a system of deep structural, economic, social, political, legal, and cultural inequality – a regime of "dis-citizenship." This book argues that we need new ways to think about the nature of disability, a new understanding of participatory citizenship that encompasses the disabled, new policies to respond to their needs, and a new vision of their entitlements.

2006/2007 Canadian Environmental Protection Act & Commentary

Meinhard Doelle

Butterworths Canadian Environmental Protection Act & Commentary, 2006/2007 Edition, takes a unique approach to CEPA. Fully updated, this consolidation covers both the Act and the regulations. By examining the regulations, it answers the critical question: What can and can't be done with a regulated substance?

From Hot Air to Action? Climate Change, Compliance and the Future of International Environmental Law

Meinhard Doelle

Exploring a vast range of up-to-date scientific, economic, political, and legal resources, Meinhard Doelle has drawn startling conclusions and provided bold new insights into the Protocol, its compliance mechanisms, and its role and enforcement in the realm of international environmental law – all in a carefully explained and highly readable work written for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

International Law: Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied in Canada, 7th Edition

Kindred, Saunders, Brunnée, Currie, McDorman, et al.

International law is the only field of law in which students are expected to digest such a broad sweep of ideas, legal concepts, institutions, principles, and rules within the limited span of a single course. The authors, as teachers of international law, offer this volume for just such an introduction. They present the fundamental principles and processes of the international legal system, exploring them through as many areas of its operation as the practical limits of the book allow.

Consumer Protection Online

Michael Deturbide

Consumer Protection Online is the first book to collect and review all of Canada’s legislation protecting both buyers and sellers in online environments, as of April 2006. Author Michael Deturbide also indicates critical gaps in Canada’s laws and draws on legislation from the United States and the European Union to recommend urgently needed reforms.

Towards Principled Oceans Governance Australian and Canadian Approaches and Chellenges

Donald R. Rothwell and David L. VanderZwaag

Towards Principled Oceans Governance brings  together papers authored by leading Australian and Canadian policy-makers and scholars in ocean law and policy, to consider principled oceans governance from the perspective of two large coastal states that have actively engaged in domestic, regional and international ocean governance agendas.

Ocean Yearbook 20

Edited by Aldo Chircop, Scott Coffen-Smout, and Moira McConnell

Devoted to assessing the resources, technology and ecology of the world’s oceans, this book provides information to a worldwide audience in one convenient, easy-to-use resource.

Remedies Cases and Materials, 5th Edition

Jeffrey Berryman, Vaughan Black, Jamie Cassels, Michael Pratt, Kent Roach, and Stephen M. Waddams

Written by a team of legal scholars representing law schools across the country, this book acts as a comprehensive resource, combining academic commentary, case reports, and detailed notes on the subject of remedies. It provides extensive excerpts of the Supreme Court of Canada's important treatment of punitive damages in Whitten and clear sections between Common Law remedies and equitable remedies so that instructors may choose the appropriate material for their classroom needs.

Teachers and the Law, 2nd Edition

A. Wayne MacKay and Lyle I. Sutherland

This book was developed to support the growing number of law courses being taught at faculties of education, as well as classroom teachers and school administrators, many of whom are faced with myriad legal issues and challenges.

Annual Review of Criminal Law

Steve Coughlan, with Gerry Ferguson

This text, relied on by many defence counsel and Crown prosecutors, deals with substantive criminal law, policing and the Charter, evidence, criminal procedure, and sentencing. Steve Coughlan writes the middle three of those chapters each year.

Learning Canadian Criminal Law, 10th Edition

Don Stuart, Ron Delisle, and Steve Coughlan

This comprehensive text provides vital background information and a coherent structure for understanding the law. Focusing on the substantive aspects of the criminal justice system and the trial context, this casebook covers the adversary system, how the elements of crime are proven, defences, and sentencing practices.

Canadian Health Law and Policy, 3rd Edition

Jocelyn Downie, Tim Caulfield, and Colleen Flood

The third edition of this book provides a contemporary introduction to health law. In essence, it presents current and emerging perspectives from the various leading authorities across Canada and incorporates the latest development in legislation, case law, and ethical consideration.