Institutio Technologicode De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey (ITESM)

Availability: 2 spaces (NACLE)

Visa/Permit Requirements

Students studying in Mexico must be able to prove that they are financially able to support themselves while a student at a Mexican university. There are often specific requirements depending on country of origin, so it is important to consult the INM or the Mexican Embassy prior to departure. Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to enroll at a Mexican university for more than six months must obtain a student visa. For more information, please refer to the Embassy of Mexico website.


ITSEM offers a home stay program. There is the option of living on campus, however, it should be noted there are strict policies which forbid the use of drugs or alcohol, even in your room. Dorms are separated by gender. You may also chose to live off campus, though it is recommended you do not live downtown, or in certain other areas, because of commuting time.

Cost of Living (Can. $)

  • 1 bedroom apartment (city centre): $400/month
  • Basic utilities (electricity, water, heat, internet): $100/month
  • Bus pass: $30/month
  • Food (cooking): $150/month Food (eating out): $10-$20/day