Vrige Universitie

Vrige, Netherlands

Availabilty: 2 spaces
Language Requirement: Courses offered in English


Visa/Permit requirements

Canadian residents can apply for a visa (called the working holiday permit) or a residency permit. The school will assist you in booking appointments with the IND (immigration). The link for information on these visas can be found at the links below.





International students are required to have appropriate health insurance for the duration of their stay in the Netherlands



Accommodation information can be found at the link below.


Academic Year

The academic year starts in the first week of September and is divided into two semesters. Each semester consists of three periods of 8+8+4 weeks.

Examinations are held at the end of each semester (January and June), or at the end of the eight- or four-week period.

Courses Offered

The College of Law provides an exceptional general legal education, focusing on traditional areas of legal study as well as providing students with a rich variety of elective offerings. Among the courses offered are: Internet Governance, Human Rights and the Border, Public International Law, Danger Risk and Law in International Society; Human Rights and Citizenship of Aliens; Historical Introduction to European Legal Science; EU Law; International Intellectual Property Law; International Labour Law.



Academic Calendar

The academic year starts in the first week of September and is divided into two semesters. Each semester consists of three periods: two of eight weeks and one of four. The second semester starts in February. Students are generally required to be in Amsterdam one week before the lectures start and some faculties hold their introduction program during this week. The academic schedule especially for semester 1, clashes with the academic calendar for students coming from the United States, Canada and some universities in the U.K. as their first semester runs only up to mid-December and they have to start their second semester back home again in January.

Those students generally pick only courses in periods 1 and 2. For example, 3 courses in period 1 and 2 courses in period 2. This way their last exam will be just before the Christmas break. Please note, in this scenario there is no option for doing re-sit exams for the second period.