China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)

Bejing, China

Availabilty: 2 spaces -  

Language Requirement: Courses offered in English.  Some Mandarin recommended

About the University

Officially established in 2002, the School of Law is one of the backbone schools of CUPL. Ever since, the School of Law has made a point of equal emphasis on academic innovation and talent cultivation. Consolidating its distinct features, the School has become a stronghold of research in theoretical laws and public laws. Legal history and administrative law boasts top-notch academic prestige and first-class teaching and research capability. Staff in active service include senior experts with fame at home and abroad, overseas returned scholars, practical specialists wellversed in legal theory and practice, as well as a number of youthful discipline leaders and academic cadres with solid theoretical attainment and certain influence in the circle of law.

Visa permits/requirements  

Students must obtain a visa before beginning their studies in China.  For more information, please visit the Embassy of China in Canada website.


The university has very good facilities, such as library, stadium, swimming pool, basketball ground, and tennis court. Dormitories for international students are inexpensive and cramped (according to a recent student $60 per semester), however there is no public kitchen, gym, private bathroom, telephone, or TV.
Students may also choose to live in an apartment off campus during their term on exchange.


Fall classes commence at the beginning of September and Spring classes
begin in February.

Academic Calendar

There is a set curriculum for all students. Typical classes that a student would take in the fall semester include: Introduction to Chinese Law; International Law; Private International Air Law; Chinese Contract Law; and International Trade Law.

Cost of Living 

The cost of Living index in Beijing is 39.37% lower than in Halifax.

  • Accomodation:  $700-$1200 a month
  • Phone: $20/semester
  • Transportation: $50/month
  • Health Insurance: $50/semester
  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: $5.69
Additional Info:
There are no computer facilities or internet access, and international
students do not have access to the library. Unfortunately, previous students
have encountered difficulties in obtaining assistance in finding
accommodation and travel documents from the host university.
Students who are successful in their application to this exchange are eligible
to apply to Dalhousie’s Office of International Relations
/dept/international-relations.html for a travel grant, and to CLIC for a monthly
allowance of approximately $600 per month plus some other benefits.