Bucerius Law School

Bucerius, Germany

Availabilty: 2 spaces - September 3 to December 21, 2018.

Language Requirement: Courses offered in English


About the University

Bucerius Law School is the first private, non-profit law school in Germany. Established and funded by one of the country’s largest private foundations, Bucerius Law School honors its namesake, Gerd Bucerius, by focusing on the importance of community service and responsibility for others in society. This visionary institution consistently ranks among the top law schools in Germany educating the best and brightest new legal minds today. Bucerius students excel on German state exams and go on to work with leading national and international law firms and corporations, governmental departments and universities.

Visa permits/requirements

All non-EU citizens must obtain a student visa for any stay exceeding 3 months. EU citizens receive a certificate to prove their right to free mobility. If exchange students are NOT citizens of an EU member state, they should contact their local German consulate or embassy to determine whether an entrance visa is required to study in Germany. In this case students must apply for a visa in their home country before coming to Germany. If an entrance visa is not required, exchange students will apply for a student visa in Germany during the Orientation Program with the help of the International Office.


Bucerius Law School does not offer on-campus housing. While the International Office will assist students in finding suitable accommodation, it cannot guarantee housing for every student. A limited number of apartments will be available on a sublet basis from Bucerius students who leave for semesters abroad in the Fall. Once students have been accepted to the program, further housing information will be made available to them online


Visiting students participate in the “Program in International and Comparative Business Law”, which is principally offered to exchange students from partner universities. This specially designed program takes place each Fall from September to December. It is taught by Bucerius professors, distinguished guest professors and practitioners from around the world. Up to 16 law courses are offered and students earn ABA/ECTS credits for successful participation in the program. The program is designed primarily for law students wishing to broaden and extend their understanding of the forces shaping international business law. In addition, they will gain insights into the day-to- day practice of international business law from experienced professionals working in the field. The program offers a unique opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge of German, European and International law. The academic program is complemented by interesting extracurricular activities and German language courses (all optional).

Cost of Living: €5150-€6000    

  • Rent for 480sqft studio apartment in normal area  - 703 EURO (1,055 CAD)
  • German residency permit - 100 EURO   (150 CAD)
  • City registration -  10 EURO  (15 CAD)
  • Basic lunch in business district - 11 EURO (16 CAD)
  • Monthly public transport  - 89 EURO (133 CAD)