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Ten great reasons to study at the Schulich School of Law

1. You can bank on our 135-year old tradition of academic excellence.

We have much to be proud of, though we are often modest in saying so. Here is what Professor Wesley Pue recounts in his history of the faculty of law at UBC:

"Dalhousie" serves as a sort of code-word among legal educators in Canada, much as "Harvard" does in the United States of America. It invokes a vision of intellectually ambitious, rigorous, and scholarly approaches to education for the profession of law.*

* Pue, W. Wesley. "Chapter 7: Law's Content." The Story of Legal Education in British Columbia. UBC Law: History. 1995

2. You'll earn a law degree that can take you anywhere in Canada — and beyond.

Our JD/LLB degree has been fully "portable" since 1957. It is recognized as fulfilling the academic requirements for admission to the bars of all the common-law provinces.

We are a national law school, with students drawn from provinces and territories across Canada. You'll find our alumni around the world, and you'll graduate with a network of colleagues from coast to coast.

3. You'll be part of a close-knit and well respected community. In fact, you may not find a more collegial law school in Canada... or anywhere else, for that matter.

Ask a current student or any of our almost 7,000 alumni and they will tell you there is something different about studying law at Dalhousie. We are Canada's national law school, with a student body drawn from provinces and territories across Canada. Half of our students are from outside the Atlantic provinces. No matter where you're from, from the day you walk through the doors of the Weldon Law Building, you will be met with an east coast welcome and an easy relationship with your colleagues and professors.

4. Your professors will inspire you, challenge you, encourage you — and get to know you.

You will learn from professors who are not only internationally respected leaders in academia, practice, and policy-making, but also committed and dedicated teachers. You'll find our professors go the extra mile to help you get the best from your legal education: whether it's Professor Ginn putting aside time after Admin class to answer questions, or Professor Loomer arranging review classes for Tax, or Dean Cameron cheering on stressed-out exam writers! In the Law School Survey of Student Engagement, our students regularly report the highest levels of engagement for "meaningful relationships with faculty".

5. You'll gain an international perspective.

Our faculty bring international experience to their teaching, and we actively promote exchange opportunities for study in other countries in both the common and civil law traditions.

6. You'll have the chance to learn by doing.

We hold true to the "Weldon Tradition": the vision of our founder and first Dean, Richard Chapman Weldon, who advocated a solid legal education, while encouraging participation in public and community service. We are proud to offer Canada's first clinical law program, with opportunities for hands-on learning in the Criminal Law Clinic, the Dalhousie Legal Aid Service, the Judges' Clerkship Program, and the Health Law and Environmental Law Placements.

7. You'll have access to our first-class librarians and vast library collection.

The Sir James Dunn Law Library houses more than 200,000 volumes of common-law materials, including a multitude of both primary and secondary sources, and a wealth of electronic material. Our professional and accommodating law librarians are a 1L's best friend – they'll even show you a few ninja tricks.

8. You'll get your career started with help from a supportive CDO.

Our Career Development Office (CDO) is here to help you prepare for life after law school. The CDO offers career counselling and information on alternative legal careers, graduate degree programs, post-graduate internships and fellowships, and volunteer and humanitarian placements, reviews cover letters and resumés, provides a reference service, holds career-related seminars and mixers, and helps law students find articling and employment positions.

9. You'll have opportunities to specialize.

The Schulich School of Law is home to three specialized and world-renowned institutes: The Marine and Environmental Law Institute, Health Law Institute, and Law and Technology Institute. Their faculty, research, and programs provide unique opportunities for students interested in these areas of law.

We also offer one of Canada's strongest business and tax law programs.

Tailor your law degree for your needs and interests with one of four concentration programs or combined degrees.

10. You can benefit from one of the most generous law school scholarship and bursary programs in Canada.

The majority of our students receive financial aid of some form. There are several prestigious entrance scholarships, and a generous bursary and scholarship program to help with the cost of a legal education. For instance, the Schulich Scholarships (there are over 40 of them awarded annually!) carry an average value of $12,000 and acknowledge academic merit, community service and financial need.


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