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International Exchanges

Spend a term studying abroad

Our JD program offers valuable opportunities to study in other countries and in other legal traditions. You'll be eligible to do an exchange program in your third year of the program; exchanges are normally completed over one term. While attending the exchange partner institution, you'll pay tuition at Dalhousie.

Semester at a Québec Law School (Civil Law)

You can receive credit for a semester of study at any civil law faculty in Quebec through a letter of permission, although we have a specific exchange arrangement with the Law Faculty of Laval University (which accepts two Dalhousie students a semester).

To participate in this exchange, you must have sufficient capacity in the French language to attend classes given in French.

European Exchanges

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) offers its classes in two semesters, each being roughly equal to 15 credits at Dalhousie. Up to four Dalhousie students may study at VU for one term each.

We also offer exchanges with Lund University in Lund, Sweden and with the private Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany. Up to two Dalhousie students may study in one term at any of these three institutions, although the students going to Bucerius may do so only in the Fall Term as Bucerius runs a special Fall Section for all incoming students.

North American Exchanges

We have a long-standing exchange arrangement with the Law Faculty of the University of Maine at its Portland campus.

Asian Pacific Exchanges

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Located in Brisbane and one of Australia's largest law schools, QUT Faculty of Law offers a broad range of courses with particular strengths in business law, information technology, environmental law and property law. Up to four Dalhousie students may study for a full academic term at QUT a year.

China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)

Up to two Dalhousie students may study at CUPL for one term each. CUPL is located in Beijing and is one of the top law schools in China.

National University of Singapore

Up to four Dalhousie students a year may study at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (NUS), which has wide offerings in commercial law, environmental law, maritime law and international law.

North American Consortium of Legal Education (NACLE)

NACLE involves nine schools in Canada, Mexico and the United States, seeking to promote student and faculty exchanges and development of comparative law curriculum. Visit the NACLE website for more information about participating in the program.

The following institutions are members of the NACLE program.Visit their websites to find out more about their specific offerings.

United States


Apply for an International Exchange

Exchanges are available during your third year of study only, and your eligibility is based on having a minimum B- cumulative average.
An information session about available exchange opportunities is normally held at the law school each January. If you want to go on exchange, you need to complete the form in the information booklet, rank the available exchanges in your order of preference, and provide a copy of your transcript, and submit them to the Assistant Dean of Student Services. Selection is by lottery. The application deadline is in early February each year.
You cannot receive credit for participation in more than one exchange program.
If you want to study away on a letter of permission for a year or a term at another Canadian law school, speak to the Associate Dean, Academic for more details. Be aware that students who spend a term at another Canadian law school are not permitted to participate in an exchange program during the same academic year.

Read more about available exchanges in the 2014 Student Exchange Information Booklet