Law Hour in Partnership with the Dalhousie Disability Allied Law Student Association

The National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) has been hearing from persons with disabilities for many years, describing the tremendous barriers they face in representing themselves (more than half of litigants in family court, and one third in civil court, are self-represented, primarily as a result of their ability to afford legal services and ineligibility for Legal Aid). Recently NSRLP undertook a research project on the experience of PWcD in seeking court accommodations (e.g. more time to prepare, frequent breaks). The results demonstrate a lack of understanding of the impact of cognitive disabilities by court staff, lawyers and judges and a serious disconnect between PWcD and the formal accommodations process, resulting in failure to provide meaningful accommodations.

Dr. Julie Macfarlane is a Professor of Law and a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Windsor. She is an experienced mediator, facilitator and conflict resolution educator committed to access to justice, the modernization of the justice system and public engagement in legal system reform.




Via Zoom. Details will be sent to your Dal email.