Mini Law School on the Road

As part of Dal's 200th-anniverary celebrations, we're taking some of our Mini Law School public lectures on the road!

Professor Adelina Iftene will discuss "Preserving the Rights of Aging Prisoners." The number of people who are aging in prisons has doubled in the last decade. However, prison systems are failing to address the higher mental, chronic, and terminal health needs of this shifting prison demographic. Unfortunately, disciplinary measures such as solitary confinement are inappropriately used to deal with certain illnesses. 

Based on her interviews with 200 inmates, in this session, Schulich School of Law Professor Adelina Iftene will explore the chalenges older people face in receiving adequate health care in prison and how this devalues the rights guaranteed to prisoners by law. 


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Room 2-29, Lecture Theatre, NSCC Cumberland Campus, 1 Main St., Springhill, N.S.