The MacEachen Institute Presents: Tax and Public Opinion – Can We Do Better Tax Talk?

As Canadians have recently seen, tax reform is hard. The economics can be controversial, the law is complex, and the accountancy concepts are strange to many of us. People have strong views on tax questions, for pocketbook reasons or moral or political ones. This mix of factors can make it hard to engage the voting public in a meaningful consultation. There is a risk of much heat and not much light, shouting matches, and head scratching.

This panel brings together three of Dalhousie’s experts on tax policy to help us think about how public opinion shapes tax policy, and whether we can do a better job of talking constructively about tax: Schulich School of Law Professor Kim Brooks; Graham Steele, Rowe School of Business; and Shirley Tillotson, Department of History. Schulich School of Law Professor Geoff Loomer will be moderating.


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Room 1014, Rowe Building, Dalhousie University




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